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We Design
& Manufacture
Beautiful and Distinct

items /Handicrafts.

with our highly skilled creators and a network of 1000+ Manufacturing Partners all around the world.

Source / Import your favourite Handicrafts from India with us.

No Extra Cost
No Delays
Standard Quality Control

What we Do ?

    We are Technology Enabled Handicraft Manufacturers based in Moradabad IN, a place famous for its highly skilled labor and with a rich history of exporting it worldwide. Along with our core expertise, We have worked and partnered with other manufacturers through our technology-based network, Which helps us to achieve the most efficient way of producing a variety of products mainly categorized into :

 1. Gifts & Handicrafts
 2. Home Decor & Furniture
 3. Home Utility & Kitchen.

We have started years ago and produced some great products among these categories, Now by combining all of our resources and Partners. we are continuing our process of making great products under one brand ILKTRADE.



We combine Skills with Technology.

We are situated in a hub of different skills, and we are inspired by technology. We combine both to make outstanding products.
Carpenter Measuring Wood
Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 5.17.32 PM.png

We work as a Community.

Along with our in-house products and designers, We work on a bigger scale. With the best manufacturers, Designers & Innovators.
We know the importance of working as a community and we look forward to make it better everyday.

We are Traditional but Not traditional.

We love art but we like to add a bit of Research & Technology to improve the efficiency and cost of our products, We design our products in such a way that it should be accessible and usable to almost everyone around the world.
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