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Epoxy Resin Products and Manufacturers in India.

Resin & its Component

Resin art and its products are getting very popular nowadays, They are shiny, transparent, solid pieces of art made of Resin. Resin is a liquid that comes from plants and when it gets mixed with epoxy or other components, it can be formed in beautiful structures which are very attractive and durable.

Apart from Epoxy Resin, There are two other types of Resin which are Polyester and Vinyl ester. All of them have different characteristics, However Epoxy Resin is the most durable and high quality Resin. Apart from making handicrafts it is also used by other heavy industries to form big and strong structures.

Resin Products Manufacturers

Handicrafts made of Resin became very popular in recent days and the manufacturers of handicrafts in India, Sambhal is a popular town in India where artisans create beautiful jewellery's, storage boxes, tables etc. These products made of Resin looks very attractive and are in high demand.

There are many places and artisans all around India who are working on Resin Handicrafts and products made of Epoxy Resin. To get in touch with the manufacturers and artisans you need to look into the local market as most of these artisans work independently. Getting in touch with a buying agency can also be a good idea. We are also working with some well skilled Resin Artisans who have made some cool Jewellery's and Home Decor products using Resin, You can checkout our products and ask for full catalogue to know more.

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