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Finding Handicrafts manufacturer in Moradabad.

About Moradabad

Moradabad is a city in Northern India which is very famous for its Handicrafts industry. These handicrafts are made by the local labor which is very skilled in making these handicrafts from metal, wood etc. It all started almost 50 years ago and since then this industry is growing every year at a very fast pace.

Handicrafts made in Moradabad gets exported worldwide to almost all major markets such as Europe, USA & Middle East etc. Such a huge demand of these products have increased the number of people involved in the business which resulted in increased competition. Due to which the quality and variety of the products have also increased.

Not a long time ago, Moradabad city was mainly known for its Brass Handicrafts which has been completely changed as the manufacturers and artisans have started making different products such as Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting etc. Therefore Moradabad city and its Manufacturers are no longer known for Brass Handicrafts only, Instead the production is expanded immensely into almost all product of Home & Living as well as products for Businesses such as Corporate Gifts, Catering, Office Furniture etc.

How to Connect ?

To get in touch with the suppliers and manufacturers from Moradabad, The best way is to visit the fair that is organized by the EPCH (Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts). It is an organization authorized by the government to promote the Handicrafts industry of India. Moradabad is one of the leading city that participates in the fair and attracts a good number of buyers.

There are also Buying Agencies/Agents that can be useful in order to find manufacturers from Moradabad. These agents/companies work for their overseas clients and perform activities such as visiting the factory and taking care of the production and shipping etc. This is another option which seems doable in recent times when traveling is not very easy due to the pandemic.

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