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Finding Padlock manufacturers in India? Aligarh is the place.

Aligarh is the city where it all started. From the Mughal era, this city has been famous for making locks and during the British rule Johnson & Co. in 1870 became the first company to boost the manufacturing and exporting the padlocks made in Aligarh to a whole different level.

Since then Aligarh is the major city in India with a big number of artisans and manufacturers that are making world class locks. These locks / padlocks have a good demand in India as well as in foreign market. Different kind of locks / padlocks are produces here starting from small 30mm locks which are small in size all the way to the big locks used in doors, furniture and cupboards etc. along with the locks specially designed for commercial use.

However the export market face setbacks from time to time as electric locks from other countries such as China entered the market but there are still very less number of people who are importing or using electric locks as they are easy to use but when it comes to security it is just as same as traditional locks. The exporters and manufacturers of these locks have also started adding these electric features which is going to match with the electric lock market very soon.

For the importers of locks / padlocks around the world Aligarh is the first place where you can find a variety of different type of locks among all categories at the best price. When it comes to export of locks, this is the first place around the world. There is a big number of lock manufacturers all around the city and almost every family have someone they know working in the lock export industry.

When finding the right manufacturer make sure to contact different manufacturers to get the best designs and quality available. The exporters or artisans can also customise the locks as per the requirement of the importer.

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