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Sustainable Packaging : Scope in India.

Almost everyone is aware of the negative effects on environment caused by using plastic or other synthetic materials in the process of Packaging Industry. These materials are usually cheap and easy to use in comparison to other eco-friendly materials, Therefore we use them on a very large scale for packaging of almost 99% of our day to day products.

In recent days the term 'Sustainable Packaging' is becoming very popular and the buyers are leaning towards it. Sustainable Packaging is basically using earth friendly materials that causes minimum to almost no damage to our environment. It also works as an attractive strategy for some businesses to get customers who cares for the cause of protecting environment.

Eco friendly Packaging Material/Sustainable Materials are slightly expensive in terms of other non-sustainable Materials, therefore it is demanded mostly in Higher Income Groups. India' unfortunately have majority of its population under lower income levels but India is also a major exporter of large number of products such as Home Decor & Handicrafts.

As the demand for Sustainable Packaging from these importers are increasing, there is a good scope of demand for the packaging that is made of sustainable materials. There are plenty of Indian Companies that are stepping forward to make a change in the packaging industry. Their main goal however is to make change in domestic market.

Along with the Domestic Market, We also need to work on areas of Sustainable Packaging in the Export Industry. Creating functional and Modern designs of Packaging made of Sustainable Materials is very important to attract more and more people and to create good business opportunities. ilkTrade has partnered with with very enthusiast designers to make the sustainable packaging more functional and pocket friendly.

We are focusing on creating designs that are as functional as any other Packaging while using less Materials which will help us to optimise the cost and promote Sustainable Packaging in Export Industry of India. Get in touch with us to know more.

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