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What is Bone Inlay? A popular technique to make magnificent Handicrafts.

Origin of Bone Inlay Handicrafts

A very unique process of making handicrafts in India which dates back to the Royal Era when artisans used to make handicrafts such as Tables, Chair and other Home Decor Products using the technique of Bone Inlay for the Royal Palaces. The same technique is passed on to generations and is still widely used for making outstanding Handicrafts which is loved and used by people all over the world.

Process of Making

Bone Inlay Handicrafts are made by very complex process which is why they look extremely unique and exquisite. They are made of bones as the name suggests, However the procedure is very time taking and takes a lot of efforts and skills. The bones are first needs to be shaped and polished which itself is the most difficult task, Bone Inlay products often contains many of these small pieces and turning the bones into these pieces takes good amount of time. Once the pieces are formed they need to be organised in different patterns which gives these handicrafts their true essence of turning something which seems very useless & unattractive into something extremely beautiful and usable.

The formulation of these patterns then needs to be stick to the layers of the handicrafts, For them to be placed there is an additional agent which is required, most commonly 'timber or resin'. With a mix of it, these designs gets polished afterwards and there are a couple of other tasks that takes place in between this process to make perfect Bone Inlay Handicrafts.

Problems associated with Bone Inlay Handicrafts.

There are certain things we need to keep in mind about Bone Inlay technique. Firstly the origin of the bones that are being used in the process, There are artisans who gets their raw material from ethical sources, which are from animals who died of natural causes. However in most cases the bones are collected unethically. The other issue related to Bone Inlay Handicrafts and Products is that as the time goes by the white colour of bones slowly starts into getting yellow, it is a natural process that happens, However a proper technique of polishing and using high quality materials can minimise it.

Where to buy/source Bone Inlay Products?

Certain places in India are famous for this age old technique of Bone Inlay. Among them there are two most common places which is the State of Rajasthan & a city called Sambhal in UP. Bone Inlay Handicrafts & Products from these places gets produced and exported all around the world. There are number of suppliers for Bone Inlay Products in these areas including us.

Art such as Bone Inlay should be made in an ethical way and is definitely something to be admired and appreciated.

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