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Why Handmade products are expensive?

Machines are the future without any doubt, But when it comes to Handmade products, there is a vast number of people using them or prefer them over machine made products. The handicrafts or handmade products does not cover all categories of products we mostly use, However when it comes to Home Decor, Furniture, Souvenirs etc. we all need something that reflects more value, thus people tend to use Handmade products among such catagories.

Handicrafts & Handmade products are expensive because they need time. The amount of creativity and efforts required is way higher in comparison to machine made products, and that is what makes them a bit expensive.

However the extra cost you pay for Handicrafts is totally worth it because of their high quality and the value of craftsmen,s time. They are culturally inspired and environmentally conscious. This gives the the buyer a sense of additional value when buying Handicrafts or Handmade products.

You are also supporting local community or independent artisans who make these handicrafts as they are mostly people from small areas, which is also very empowering for the community and give you a sense of good moral behaviour. Therefore paying some extra amount for the handmade items and Handicrafts is not really a big deal when looking at the benefits from it.

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